Hidden Biases Assessment

Most of us don’t want to admit we hold biases. Everyone does. We’re hard-wired to classify objects and people into familiar and unfamiliar, things we like and things we don’t. As a result, we carry unconscious biases and don’t realize it.

But, if our biases are unconscious, how do we identify and rid ourselves of them?

The first step toward change is awareness. This self-assessment will help you assess potential hidden biases.

Part I is designed to help you see how easily we classify things and place favorable/unfavorable values on certain objects, people, or roles.

Part II is designed to help you look at some of your behaviors and consider whether a hidden bias exists. The questions are designed to get you thinking about your responses and what they may mean. Keep in mind that the assessment is only a quick snapshot. However, be honest and open-minded. A little thought and consideration about your responses may reveal something you didn’t see in yourself.

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