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9 Ways WPV Training Benefits_InfographicWorkplace Violence (WPV) Prevention and Response Training is something organizations wish they didn’t have to address. But, unfortunately, it has become a necessity in today’s uncertain world.

The good news is that comprehensive WPV Prevention and Response Training does a lot more than prepare people for an unlikely (but possible) extreme violence incident, such as an active shooter. A good program covers awareness and prevention of all forms of workplace violence including such things as threats and verbal abuse. 

The myriad benefits of effective WPV Prevention Training (including 9 key differences between trained and untrained employees) are depicted in our
A Powerful Difference Infographic.


As the infographic shows
, the benefits associated with effective WPV Prevention Training align well with those of other key workplace culture initiatives you may have underway. For example:

➢  Training in workplace violence prevention (and what to do in extreme violence situations) reduces employee anxiety, demonstrates your organization's concern for their well-being, and makes a positive impact on The Employee Experience.

➢  WPV Prevention Training that addresses incivility and abusive conduct (often precursors to more violent behavior) is a natural extension of Respectful Workplace initiatives that focus on bias and harassment prevention.

Making it Happen

Often times, the challenge with WPV Prevention Training lies in determining the specifics of what to do and how to go about doing it.

Our post Workplace Violence Training: HR/L&D and Safety/Security Partnering for Results shows how HR/L&D and Safety/Security can come together as an integrated team to develop and implement effective and lasting solutions to this challenging issue.

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Recommended Training Resource:

Getting Real About Workplace Violence supports organizations with straightforward, turnkey WPV Awareness and Prevention Training that aligns with all ANSI and ASIS/SHRM-specified training criteria. Media Partners encourages you to make this highly-effective training available today. Start with a free preview of the full program.

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