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There’s no denying our workplaces could be improved in many ways—from understanding and overcoming biases to building inclusive workplaces free of harassment and bullying. But before we can implement change and improve on respect in the workplace, we need to understand what we're dealing with. Click here for an infographic that helps you do just that!  

Among many other things, this infographic covers:

  • various types of unconscious bias
  • performance of gender- and ethnically-diverse organizations compared to others
  • financial impact of an inclusive organization
  • most likely targets of workplace harassment
  • ratio of male to female bullies and targets in the workplace

This free resource is a companion piece to the training program "How Was Your Day?"Getting Real about Bias, Inclusion, Harassment and Bullying — the captivating Media Partners film that inspires people to take responsibility in the areas of unconscious bias, inclusion, harassment and bullying to create a respectful workplace.