Chicago Sexual Harassment Prevention Training 

Media Partners' fully compliant Chicago sexual harassment training features captivating video segments that engage learners.   

Wrap-around instruction ensures that organizations doing business in Chicago can fully meet both state and city sexual harassment prevention training requirements, including an additional 1 hour of training on bystander intervention.

A 7-time award winner, Once & For All provides managers and employees with the education and motivation needed to make meaningful change. 



In April 2022, Chicago revised its sexual harassment laws to make them stronger and to uphold zero tolerance of violence and harassment in the workplace.  These changes require all Chicago employers to go beyond sexual harassment prevention training requirements mandated by the state of Illinois.

Sexual harassment training for Chicago employees must now run one hour, while training for Chicago managers must run 2 hours.  Employees must also receive an hour of training on the topic of Bystander Intervention. This training must be completed no later than July 1, 2023 and be provided annually every year thereafter.  To see the specific Illinois state and Chicago city training mandates, and how they are met by Once & For All, see our Interactive Compliance Guide and Requirements Matrix.


Once & For All: Stopping Sexual Harassment at Work is 7-time award-winning sexual harassment training that covers all the legal bases while engaging learners. The Chicago eLearning solution:

  • Enables organizations to comply with all Illinois and Chicago sexual harassment prevention training requirements, including 1-hour of Bystander Intervention training.
  • Inspires behavior change through highly relatable, award-winning video scenarios.
  • Gives practical, easy to apply instruction on what to do if you’re experiencing or witnessing sexual harassment, as well as preventative behaviors that create a culture of respect. 
  •  Ensures managers grasp the pivotal role they play in sexual harassment prevention through robust Manager-specific eLearning.



The Chicago Once & For All  training solution is comprised of three course components. Employees and managers progress through mandated topics in an order that facilitates learning and meets required training times. The eLearning can be delivered via our LMS or yours.


Once & For All, Illinois covers

  • all state sexual harassment training requirements mandated in Illinois 
  • types of sexual harassment 
  • why and how to speak up 
  • ways to build a culture of respect
  • how to handle a complaint (Manager)

Course Time:

  • Employee 45 minute 
  • Manager 1 hour


Once & For All, Chicago covers

  • Chicago definitions of sexual harassment, inappropriate sexual conduct, and sexual misconduct
  • Chicago reporting options
  • Guidelines of Sexual Harassment Prevention and 3 Responsibilities of Chicago Employers (Manager)

Course Time:  

  • Employee 15 minutes
  • Manager 1 hour


Power of Bystander Intervention covers

  • what bystander intervention means
  • why it's important to speak up if you witness harassment at work
  • how to use the CARE model to speak up
  • understanding and overcoming the "Bystander Effect" -- a hesitancy to act

Course Time:  

  • Employee 1 hour
  • Manager 1 hour

Total Training Times (in accordance with Chicago mandate):  Employees 2 hours, Managers  3 hours

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Once & For All, Illinois

Employee Course (45 minutes)

Manager Course (1 hour)


Once & For All, Chicago Supplement

Employee Course (15 minutes)

Manager Course (1 hour)


Power of Bystander Intervention

Taken by Employees and Managers (1 hour)

Please contact us at 800-408-5657, submit an inquiry, or message us in the chat window for pricing information.

The Chicago Once & For All  training comes with a Launch Guide that provides a roadmap and best practices for rolling the initiative out in your organization. The guide includes a Launch Checklist, Talking Points for Leaders, a Discussion Guide, a Communication Timeline, Email Templates and much more.


Various state and city training mandates, and how they are met by Once & For All , can be found in our Interactive Compliance Guide and Requirements Matrix.


If your organization has employees in Illinois as well as in states with a different or no sexual harassment training mandate, we will work with you to ensure the most effective deployment possible. Many organizations in this situation train employees with state-version courses where needed, then use general courses for staff in states without mandates.  State versions of Once & For All, include: 
California, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maine, New York, Texas, Washington

Use our free checklist to make sure your organization complies with Chicago's sexual harassment:


• Definition

• Legalities

• Training Requirements 


The Once & For All eLearning is extremely flexible and can be tailored to the unique needs of your organization. Customization Options include insertion of an executive message, inclusion of your policies, and more.

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