Sexual Harassment Prevention Made Simple

6 min | by Training ABC

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Sexual harassment not only harms those who've been targets of the harassment, it can also inflict serious damage to an organization’s productivity and morale. This short program reinforces that sexual harassment is NEVER appropriate.

Languages: English,Spanish
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Product Description

Sexual Harassment Prevention Made Simple is a simple way to give sexual harassment training!
It is a short but powerful video that delivers the message with a no-nonsense style and presents everything your employees need to know in only 6 minutes. Brief, yet thought-provoking, it's perfect for getting the message across.

The program touches on the following forms of sexual harassment:

  • Quid Pro Quo Harassment
  • Hostile Work Environment Sexual Harassment
  • The Reasonable Person Standard
  • Prevention techniques
  • Sexting, e-mail harassment
  • Gender and same-sex harassment
  • Pregnancy comments
  • Sexual jokes and behaviors such as suggestive whistling & catcalls
  • Unwanted repeated requests for dates & flirting
  • Physical behaviors such as back rubs & hugs
  • Harassment by non-employees visiting the workplace
  • The legal consequences for harassers

The program is perfect for new employee orientation programs, yearly refresher training or as a meeting opener to a longer training program. With the facilitator's guide and participant quiz, your employees will understand why sexual harassment in the workplace is inappropriate behavior.

Product Details

Product Details
Is Best Seller? No
Program Length 6 min
Format eLearning, DVD, USB
languages English,Spanish
producer Training ABC

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