Which have YOU done? (Bias Reality Check)

This short quiz provides a snapshot of areas where you may have biases or behaviors that may need to be challenged.

Everyone has biases, and not all are bad. But biases based on stereotypes or assumptions become "microaggressions" when they lead to unfair business decisions, inappropriate questions, or behavior that disrespects another person.

In this quick self-assessment, you’ll reply to 10 statements with one of the following answers: “Yes, I’ve done that.” “No, I’ve never done that.” ”Possibly– I might have done that.”

Your answers are completely anonymous – no one will see them but you. The results will provide a snapshot of areas where you might have biases or behaviors that need to be challenged.  It is intended to reveal opportunities that you can leverage to help build a more inclusive work environment for everyone.

If you are looking for comprehensive eLearning that helps managers and employees overcome unconscious bias and prevent microaggressions, preview Unintentional Still Hurts.

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