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Over 10,000 organizations rely on our high-quality training solutions

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Over 10,000 organizations rely on our high-quality training solutions

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The training is something we feel strongly aligns with our core values as a company. We wanted to be able to share those ideas with our employees in ways that are in line with the content of Media Partners' diversity & inclusion course.


Angela Leavell

Director eLearning and Development, Hardrock International

 Why choose Unintentional Still Hurts?

Focused on Key Workplace Behaviors

Helps employees accept that they have bias and motivates them to stop and think before making assumptions about others.

Measurable Results

Pre-measurement sets a baseline for bias acceptance. Later, we can share results on how this improves over time.

Proven Impact

Research showed 3x gain in learners' acceptance of personal bias -- a critical first step in changing behavior.

Easy Organization-wide Deployment 

Employee and Manager courses (English and Spanish) can be accessed through our LMS or yours.

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Our top-selling training helps organizations overcome unconscious bias in the workplace.


Engaging video examples based on true stories combine with actionable instruction to help you increase bias acceptance and inspire behavior change.  We measure and can share results showing the course’s impact on your organization. It’s everything you need to meet your training requirements. The program offers:


Compelling, effective training on the tough topics of workplace bias and microaggressions

Tips on how to identify, explore, and challenge assumptions and judgements

An easy-to-use 4-step process for Stepping Up to minimize the impact of bias

Engaging and inspiring examples in diverse environments

Pre-measurement for establishing a baseline of your organization's level of bias acceptance

Information on changes in your organization's bias acceptance over time and how your organization compares to others

Included Training Material

Fully interactive


Employee & Manager


English & Spanish


Award-Winning Content










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Unintentional Still Hurts eLearning provides a powerful individual self-paced learning experience for employees and managers.

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