What Leaders Can Learn from Lobsters

As this 1-minute video clip illustrates, when it comes to what can help a leader grow…lobsters provide an important insight.

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The Lesson for Leaders

It's never fun to hear someone tell us that we could have done something better, or that in certain situations our behavior could be improved.  But if one's goal is professional growth and development, then feedback like this is not only helpful, it's essential. 

For the lobster, growth is predicated on the periodic shedding of its hard, protective shell—even though that means going through periods of vulnerability. Similarly, any leader who wants to be successful long-term, can’t let their ego (their protective shell) prevent them from hearing crucial feedback that could improve their performance or the performance of their team.

Strong egos are okay as long as that strength is coupled with a degree of modesty and humility.  In addition to receiving valuable feedback that can help them develop, leaders become more authentic, and are more likely to gain the trust and respect of employees, when they welcome feedback and are open to constructive criticism.


The “Lobsters and Egos” clip is excerpted from the Ego Management module of LEAD NOW! a personalized leadership development system that allows leaders at all levels to identify strengths and develop in 21 leadership "dimension" areas. Preview LEAD NOW!