Develop an inclusive culture grounded in respectful behavior

The true cost of a  disrespectful workplace


annual employee turnover costs in the U.S.


higher absenteeism 


lower productivity

#1 selling training solution addresses Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging

How Was Your Day? 2021 delivers:


A Powerful Catalyst for Change

Proven content plus updated modules with expanded DEIB instruction support the pursuit of a workplace free of discrimination, inequality and disrespect.


Immediate Impact

Segments depict the many ways bias hurts people and blocks inclusion, encouraging personal reflection on how to identify implicit biases and set them aside.


Real-life Applications

A diverse cast, wide range of workplace settings, practical tips and relatable stories combine to convey the part everyone plays in building a truly inclusive and respectful workplace.


Flexible Delivery, Facilitation Support

Learning outcomes are enhanced through delivery and deployment choices as well as optional Faciliation Services that reinforce the training and encourage genuine dialogue on sensitive topics.

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With 9 awards for cinematic and educational excellence and at the top of our best-seller list since the day it was released, How Was Your Day? is a hit by anyone’s standards.

2021 eLearning just released!

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