Unintentional Still Hurts: Overcoming Unconscious Bias

How to Recognize and Challenge Implicit Bias

45 min | by Media Partners

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This powerful new implicit bias training goes beyond the basics, focusing on impact vs. intent, the concept of microaggressions, and practical ways to identify, challenge and respond to bias.

Languages: English
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Product Description

Every day, in workplaces everywhere, people ask questions, make assumptions, or take actions they feel are innocent or even well-intentioned but which disrespect others. This course provides powerful examples of what these occurrences, or “microaggressions,” look and feel like – reminding us that until we do the work of identifying and challenging our biases, we run the risk of offending others and blocking efforts to create a culture of equity, inclusion and respect.   

Unintentional Still Hurts: Overcoming Unconscious Bias helps organizations:

  • Overcome resistance and misconceptions by giving the science behind bias and portraying how bias and microaggressions hurt people—even when unintentional.
  • Immediately minimize the impact of implicit bias through activities that encourage personal reflection and enable learners to recognize and challenge their biases.
  • Inspire positive change (not fear and avoidance) by reminding learners that while biases may lead us to say or do the wrong thing, these mistakes (when handled correctly) can generate meaningful dialogue and increased understanding.
  • Encourage people to be allies with instruction on how to speak up on behalf of another person when you witness explicit or implicit bias or microaggression.
  • Educate managers on their role in creating a culture of respect and give them a practical way to handle employee concerns regarding microaggressions and disrespectful conduct
  • Tap into the knowledge of subject matter experts. The course has been reviewed and approved by specialists in DEIB and LGBTQ+ inclusion; experienced DEIB facilitators can be provided upon request

▶ Learning Points

Unintentional Still Hurts: Overcoming Unconscious Bias addresses:

  • Implicit versus explicit bias as well as the most common forms of workplace bias
  • How to manage microaggressions if you’re the target or if you’re called out as the perpetrator
  • How to be an upstander if you witness disrespectful or demeaning conduct, or microaggressions in the workplace. 
  • The STEP model to frame and challenge implicit bias.

▶ Top Design Features

  • Focuses on behavior change. Practical strategies help learners do their part to recognize and overcome bias.
  • Inspires learners to be their best selves at work and home by helping them acknowledge their own potential biases.
  • Is relatable. The tone is conversational, and the vignettes are based on true stories.
  • Is memorable and engaging. The sensitive and thought-provoking approach encourages reflection long after the training.
  • Is modular so training sessions can be easily adapted to busy schedules.

▶ eLearning Details

The Employee eLearning course is comprised of three 15-minute eLearning modules, so employees are only away from their job for short periods. 

Module 1: Understanding Bias

Module 2: Recognizing Microaggressions

Module 3: What You Can Do to STEP Up

  • Each module builds on and reinforces the learning from the previous one.
  • eLearning content is interactive and engaging.
  • Knowledge checks reinforce the learning.
  • Post-test validates the learning.

A Manager version is also available.


▶ Delivery and Facilitation Options

  • Self-paced, interactive eLearning (can be customized with organizational policy and messaging)
  • Instructor-Led Training (virtual or in person delivery using our trainers)
  • Train the Trainer (use our content and co-brand with your trainers delivering in-house)
  • Blended Learning (combine our eLearning with instructor led training using our trainers or yours)

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Product Details

Product Details
Is Best Seller? Yes
Program Length 45 min
Format eLearning
Languages English
Producer Media Partners

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