How Was Your Day?

Getting Real about Bias, Inclusion, Harassment and Bullying

60 min | by Media Partners

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  • Employee eLearning, Module 1: Overcoming Unconscious Bias

  • Employee eLearning, Module 2: Embracing Diversity and Inclusion

  • Employee eLearning, Module 3: Preventing Workplace Harassment

  • Employee eLearning, Module 4: Standing Up to Bullying

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  • Video Only - Bias segment

  • Video Only - Diversity & Inclusion segment

  • Video Only - Harassment segment

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This 9-time award-winning respectful workplace training has helped thousands of organizations effectively train employees and managers on diversity, equity, inclusion, harassment and more.  

Languages: English, Spanish, Vietnamese
What's included:

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Product Description

A top-seller since the day it was released, How Was Your Day? is enthusiastically embraced by all types organizations seeking meaningful culture change. Used together with the How Was Your Day? Manager course, How Was Your Day? eLearning enables organizations to:

• Minimize the impact of bias. Powerfully depicts the many ways bias hurts people and prevents an organization from building a diverse and inclusive culture; encourages personal reflection to help individuals identify implicit biases, challenge them,  and set them aside

• End harassment. Explains hostile work environment and illustrates how impact outweighs intent

• Stop bullying. Shows how being an “upstander” (for yourself and others) helps end abusive conduct and build a culture of mutual respect and dignity.

• Leverage the desire for change. Supports the pursuit of a workplace free of discrimination, inequity and disrespect.

Engages employees at every level, across all industries
There are 3 reasons employees find How Was Your Day? to be a surprisingly positive learning experience. It's:

  • Relatable. A diverse cast and wide range of workplace settings and examples enable all audiences to connect with the content.
  • Practical. Bias-busting and inclusion-building tips such as Blind Auditions, Turn off Your Rebuttal Brain, and Apply the W.E.T. Test are memorable and easy to put into practice.
  • Non-threatening. Topics with the potential to cause defensiveness are approached in a non-threatening manner; much of the personal reflection around these issues happens privately.

A diverse cast and wide range of workplace settings make the film relevant to all types of viewers including new and seasoned employees, supervisors, managers and executives. Workplace settings include office, warehouse, healthcare, retail and restaurant.

A comprehensive training package
How Was Your Day? Getting Real About Bias, Inclusion, Harassment & Bullying is robust training with a variety of delivery options.

It is ideal for individual self-paced eLearning, instructor-led training (in-person or virtual), or a combination of both.

Program Content
HWYD_eLearning_modules, small
In all delivery formats, the 4 topics are presented in separate modules. You can cover them all in one session, or choose to tackle them one or two at a time.

  1. Overcoming UNCONSCIOUS BIAS
  2. Embracing DIVERSITY and INCLUSION
  3. Stopping HARASSMENT
  4. Standing up to BULLYING

This modular approach helps employees and managers focus on and fully grasp the nuances of each topic. Learners see the impact different actions can have on individuals and teams, and receive instruction on the best way to build a truly inclusive, respectful workplace. 

eLearning Course

Recently updated and enhanced with added instruction on bias and diversity & inclusion, How Was Your Day's interactive eLearning course combines:

 • award-winning video segments

 • self-assessments and activities

 • knowledge checks

•  and more! 

The course can be customized with your organization's policies or messaging from organizational leaders.

See a full preview of both the Employee and Manager versions of our How Was Your Day?  eLearning course at the top of this page.

Instructor-Led Training

The video segments are provided on your choice of DVD or USB and come with these digital support materials:

  • Leader’s Guide and PowerPoint slides - includes step-by-step guidance to facilitate engaging workshops on each of the four training topics; associated discussions and activities are included.  If you prefer, each topic can be facilitated as a standalone module or you can customize the program by combining topics.
  • How Was Your Day? Guide  (See sample pages HERE.)
  • Infographic  (See graphic HERE.)
  • Facilitation Services

    Media Partners offers 3 How Was Your Day? facilitation options designed to encourage genuine dialogue and reinforce the training.
    • eLearning Follow-up Facilitation (virtual)
    • Module vILT Facilitation
    • Train-the-Trainer: Full-Module vILT Facilitation plus Support

    *Currently, all training facilitation will take place virtually, using Zoom.

    Use our trainers, or we’ll train yours. Either way, we’ll partner with you to ensure these topics are addressed in a meaningful and engaging manner. Learn more.

  • Awards and Recognition

    This program has been honored by a number of prestigious organizations for cinematic and educational excellence.
    • Accolade Global Film Competition (Awards in 2 Categories)
    • AVA Digital Awards
    • New York Festivals
    • Hermes Award
    • Telly Award
    • American Business Award
    • Videographer Awards
    • Marcom Awards

Product Details

Product Details
Is Best Seller? Yes
Program Length 60 min
Format eLearning, USB
Languages English, Spanish, Vietnamese
Producer Media Partners

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