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  1. Trailer;https://preview.mediapartners.com/pub/media_partners/USH_Trailer_2min_FINAL-720p.mp4
    Best Seller
    Unintentional Still Hurts, Healthcare Version

    This powerful training course helps healthcare workers recognize and overcome biases that can block inclusion in the workplace and undermine patient care. 

    • 45-55 min
    • eLearning
  2. How Was Your Day?
    Best Seller
    How Was Your Day?

    This 9-time award-winning respectful workplace training has helped thousands of organizations effectively train employees and managers on diversity, equity, inclusion, harassment and more.  

    • 60 min
    • eLearning
    • USB
  3. Unintentional Still Hurts, Manager Version
    Best Seller
    Unintentional Still Hurts, Manager Version

    Focusing on impact vs. intent, this powerful training course teaches managers how to identify, challenge and respond to bias, while explaining their role in creating a culture of respect.

    • 55 min
    • eLearning
  4. How Was Your Day? Trailer;https://preview.mediapartners.com/pub/tl/MPC/75/00e690bdd011e7947561a7f8b1562f/HWYD_Trailer_-10-30-2017.mp4
    Best Seller
    Respectful Workplace: From Awareness to Action

    Combining award-winning employee and manager eLearning with facilitated training for executives, this powerful package helps build a workplace where everyone feels respected, safe and fully engaged.

    • 3 hours
    • eLearning
    • Streaming
  5. Not Everyone Gets a Trophy
    Not Everyone Gets a Trophy

    With great insight and humor, subject matter expert Bruce Tulgan debunks common myths concerning millenials in the workplace, and provides proven tips for bringing out the best in this talented generation.

    • 29 minutes
    • USB
  6. Unintentional Still Hurts: Overcoming Unconscious Bias
    Best Seller
    Unintentional Still Hurts: Overcoming Unconscious Bias

    This powerful new implicit bias training goes beyond the basics, focusing on impact vs. intent, the concept of microaggressions, and practical ways to identify, challenge and respond to bias.

    • 45 min
    • eLearning
  7. How Was Your Day? Manager Version
    Best Seller
    How Was Your Day? Manager Version

    This Manager version of our multi award-winning respectful workplace training builds on the Employee course video segments with messaging geared towards managers and supervisors.

    • 60 min
    • eLearning
  8. Diversity: Face to Face
    Diversity: Face to Face

    This innovative training program explores four main aspects of diversity in the workplace— stereotypes, similarities, unity and benefits— through the stories and thoughts of characters who live and work in a diverse world.

    • 18 minutes
    • USB
  9. As Simple As Respect
    As Simple As Respect

    This popular program showcases eight common sense guidelines employees and managers can use to combat disrespect in the workplace. 

    • 25 min
    • eLearning
    • USB

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