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Compliance and Soft Skills Health Care Training Courses 

Health care employees seek a positive workplace where respect and safety are paramount and excellent patient care is valued. Our top health care training solutions can help you get there.

Unconscious Bias Health Care Training

Help put an end to unconscious bias at work with the most engaging training film to date. Watch the Unintentional Still Hurts: Overcoming Unconscious Bias free preview and see how you can implement the training in your facility.


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Healthcare Workers Expect DEI to Be an Organizational Priority


Healthcare organizations had twice as many employees at risk of leaving if the workforce perceived diversity and equity weren’t prioritized versus workforces that do. 1 

The risk of leaving within three years is more than four times higher for healthcare workers who believe their organization doesn’t value employees from different backgrounds versus workers who do. 1


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Health Care Training

Known for its ability to generate meaningful DEI dialogue and insights,  How Was Your Day? Getting Real About Bias, Inclusion, Harassment and Bullying is a 9-time award winner and health care training favorite.

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Representation in Healthcare Continues to be a Challenge


64% of physicians are male and 56% are white.2

The majority of NP, PT, and OT workers are female but only 25% are non-white.2

Sexual Harassment Health Care Training

Proven learning content and a compliance guarantee make Once & For All: Stopping Sexual Harassment at your best choice for sexual harassment prevention training.  State-specific and Employee & Manager versions available.

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Healthcare Workplaces are Highly Prone to Sexual Harassment


11.5% of sexual harassment complaints occur in health care (one of the highest industry rates)3

Workplace Violence Prevention in Health Care

With The Joint Commission’s recent update to Workplace Violence Prevention standards, training is more important than ever. Getting Real About Workplace Violence, Health Care Version covers awareness, prevention and extreme violence response. Employee and Manager courses.

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Assaults Trend Signals Need for Workplace Violence Prevention


75% of workplace assaults occur in healthcare settings4

Customer Service in Health Care

The Right Words at the Right Time: Customer Service Recovery in Health Care provides tips on how to de-escalate situations with angry or disappointed patients and/or their friends and family members.

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Positive Patient Interactions Improve Outcomes and the Bottom Line


95% of disappointed customers tell others about their bad experience5

Patient Satisfaction 

It’s a Dog’s World has long been a favorite for training health care staff and volunteers on the little things that build trust and improve patient satisfaction.

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Cultural Competency in Healthcare

Patient Diversity: Beyond the Vital Signs illustrates the importance of learning about your patient population -- their beliefs, folk medicine, lore, even things that dictate how they respond to pain and medical care.


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Cultural Competency in Healthcare Still Lacking

Research shows that healthcare professionals can view people with obesity as lacking self-control. 6 

80% of heterosexual medical students showed implicit bias towards LGBTQ people. 7


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