Work environments in healthcare face serious challenges

Healthcare employees seek a positive workplace where respect and safety are paramount and excellent patient care is valued.  Yet, problems persist: 

  • 11.5% of sexual harassment complaints occur in healthcare (one of the highest industry rates)
  • 75% of workplace assaults occur in healthcare settings

These realities, combined with the demand for high patient satisfaction, lead to a highly pressure-packed healthcare work environment.

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Healthcare-specific programs

  1. Fill The Glass
    Best Seller
    Fill The Glass
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    40-45 min
  2. eLearning Preview;
    Best Seller
    How Was Your Day? Manager Version
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    60 min
  3. How Was Your Day? Trailer;
    Best Seller
  4. Getting Real about Workplace Violence
    Best Seller
    Getting Real about Workplace Violence
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    18-25 min
  5. The Practical Coach 2
    Best Seller
    The Practical Coach 2
    As low as $0.00
    25 min.

Best sellers in Healthcare 

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