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The Right Words at the Right Time

Customer Service Recovery

14 min | by Media Partners

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Through engaging scenarios that depict real-world customer service dilemmas, this program teaches practical solutions to the most difficult customer interactions.  

Languages: English, Cantonese
Subtitles: Chinese, French Canadian
What's included:

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Product Description

Produced specifically for front-line employees, this practical training demonstrates how to turn a customer's frustration or complaint into understanding. The program will empower your staff with a clear and memorable checklist of Service Recovery Tools  that will help them handle any challenging customer situation in the heat of the moment. From showing empathy and truly listening, to exploring with permission phrases and presenting options, employees learn how to match the signals they send to the words they say. 

Employees will learn how to use the Right Words to:

1) Send the 3 Signals: "I Care," "I Understand," and "You can Trust me to take care of this"

2) Stay Polite and Professional:

  • When a Customer is Rude
  • When a Customer is Clueless
  • When you can't say, "Yes" to a Customer Request

The training proves that having the exact words handy in a tense situation can make all the difference. Often, successful service recovery depends not only on WHAT you say, but HOW  you say it.

Click here to see details on the five versions available: Business, Healthcare, Retail, Government, and Leisure/Hospitality.

See top of page for access to full previews of each version.

The General Business Version scenes include:

  • An angry customer calls to close his account.
  • A rude customer belittles an employee for offering an extended warranty.
  • A customer is frustrated that others are being served before him.
  • A clueless customer won't stop talking on her cell phone during an account review.
  • A leering customer tries to get too personal with a young barista.
  • An angry customer demands to speak with a supervisor when her product delivery date is missed.
  • A customer gets upset when he believes he was next in line.

The Government Version scenes include:

  • A caller threatens a lawsuit.
  • A citizen claims race is a factor in his application denial.
  • A business owner is upset that her permit is denied.
  • A veteran is offended by a scheduling delay.
  • A citizen claims he was next in a service line.
  • A customer makes unwanted advances with a personal gift.
  • An applicant won't end her cell phone conversation.

The Healthcare Version scenes include:

  • A family member complains about a long wait-time.
  • A patient demands a different doctor.
  • An elderly patient refuses more tests.
  • A patient accuses the staff of theft.
  • A husband insists his test results be kept from his wife.

The Leisure/Hospitality Version scenes include:

  • A potential events customer is upset that the front desk won't match an online room price.
  • A guest arrives in a hostile mood because of the parking rates.
  • A disappointed guest sends her entire food order back.
  • A clueless customer won't stop talking on her cell phone during check-in.
  • A suspicious customer accuses a server of theft while she used the restroom.
  • A leering and drunk customer tries to get too personal with a young cocktail server.

The Retail Version scenes include:

  • The Father-of-the Bride is sent home with an unfinished suit.
  • A hostile customer belittles an employee about their extended warranty program.
  • A clueless customer demands that her online purchases be returned free by the store.
  • A suspicious customer accuses an employee of ringing up the wrong prices.
  • A leering customer tries to get too personal with a young barista.
  • A demanding customer refuses to hang up her cell phone during a transaction.
  • A disappointed customer demands to speak with a manager about a missed delivery.

Product Details

Product Details
Is Best Seller? No
Program Length 14 min
Format eLearning, USB
Subtitles Chinese, French Canadian
Languages English, Cantonese
Producer Media Partners

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