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Respectful Workplace: From Awareness to Action

Comprehensive Training that Helps Organizations Achieve a Lasting Culture of Respect

3 hours | by Media Partners

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  • Getting Real About Workplace Violence Trailer

  • How Was Your Day eLearning, Full Course Preview

  • Once & For All eLearning, Full Course Preview

  • Getting Real About WPV eLearning, Main Course Preview

  • Getting Real About WPV eLearning, Manager Course Preview

Combining award-winning employee and manager eLearning with facilitated training for executives, this powerful package helps build a workplace where everyone feels respected, safe and fully engaged.

Languages: English, Spanish
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Product Description

Today's employees expect and deserve a workplace where everyone can feel respected, safe and fully engaged. Creating this type of culture doesn't happen overnight. It develops as employees, leaders, and the organization itself gain awareness and a commitment to change.

This bundled solution enables meaningful culture change through employee and manager eLearning courses and facilitated instructor-led training for executives.  Access content trailers and full eLearning course previews at the top of this page.

Employee and Manager eLearning is focused on two major areas:

1. Respectful Workplace 

With an emphasis on Unconscious Bias, and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging, our respectful workplace content provides foundational awareness upon which individuals and organizations can add new skills and behaviors. 

Featured eLearning Course:

How Was Your Day? 
The 9-time award winning respectful workplace course is known for helping employees explore the way they see themselves, and how they see and treat others. Modules include:

• Overcoming Unconscious Bias

• Embracing Diversity and Inclusion

• Preventing Harassment

• Standing Up to Bullying

2. Workplace Safety 

Employee well-being, as well as the physical and psychological safety of everyone, improves when increased awareness inspires action. Through our sexual harassment and workplace violence prevention content, employees learn to recognize and report harassment and other forms of illegal and potentially harmful behavior. They are taught specific things they can do to protect themselves and others. 

Featured eLearning Courses:

Once & For All: Stopping Sexual Harassment at Work

This 7-time award winning sexual harassment prevention course has been recognized for inspiring true behavior change.

Learners receive definitions of each type of sexual harassment, see the impact each can have on individuals, understand why speaking up is so important, and get instruction on the best way to speak up.

Managers receive added instruction on the proper way to handle a complaint and how to reinforce what behaviors are and are not appropriate for the workplace.


Getting Real About Workplace Violence

This highly effective course helps people recognize the potential for workplace violence in its earliest stages (including incivility, threats and bullying).  

Learners explore concerning behaviors and how to take action when needed…whether that’s early, preventative action or decisive, life-saving action in response to an extreme workplace violence event.

Advanced training for managers helps them keep potentially volatile situations from escalating.



Facilitated Instructor-Led Training for Executives (Virtual)

Studies show that executive buy-in can significantly increase the degree to which training will have a positive impact on performance and organizational culture.

Our executive training sessions are designed to facilitate a journey of self-discovery – one where answers and insights move from the unconscious to conscious mind, impacting individuals on an emotional and behavioral level.

  • Two 1.5 hour facilitated Executive Training Sessions are included in the Respectful Workplace bundle.

Product Details

Product Details
Is Best Seller? Yes
Program Length 3 hours
Format eLearning, Streaming
Languages English, Spanish
Producer Media Partners

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