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Once & For All, Manager Version

Stopping Sexual Harassment at Work

60 Min | by Media Partners

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Once & For All, Manager is highly effective sexual harassment training known for inspiring behavior change and enabling managers to build and maintain a culture of respect. It's the only program with a 200% compliance guarantee.

Languages: English, Spanish
What's included:

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Product Description


End inappropriate behaviors, and empower employees and managers to stand up for respect, with training that meets all sexual harassment prevention requirements without compromising learner engagement.

Educate and Empower Managers | Measure Your Organization’s Positive Change

Once & For All: Stopping Sexual Harassment at Work doesn't just meet compliance requirements for sexual harassment training, it goes beyond by:

Offering powerful Manager instruction that focuses on the role managers play in conveying the expectations of a respectful workplace and ensuring that sexual harassment complaints are properly handled.  
Teaching desired workplace behaviors, such as being a proactive leader, speaking up about inappropriate behaviors, and ensuring that professional boundaries are set and maintained.
Providing a dashboard to track progress and impact.
Delivering actionable insights that will enable your organization to identify opportunities for growth on desirable outcomes.


Note: Once & For All is a fully interactive eLearning course. The preview at the top of this page shows how a learner would progress through the course and does not include all learner activities provided in the purchased eLearning. For a special preview of the full course, please contact us.

  • Key Learning Points

    Following the training, managers will be able to:

    • Recognize the difference between welcome and unwelcome behavior, and understand the prominent forms of workplace sexual harassment:
      • Quid Pro Quo
      • Hostile Work Environment
    • Apply practical strategies for properly handling a sexual harassment situation whether they or their employee are a target or a witness, and if the perpetrator is a boss, a co-worker, or 3rd party such as a customer.
    • Promote behaviors and set expectations with their team that foster a professional, safe and inclusive work environment and encourage individuals to filter inappropriate actions and comments.
    • Understand their liabilities in the area of sexual harassment prevention, including the consequences of ignoring or dismissing complaints of inappropriate conduct, or failing to protect victims or witnesses from retaliation.
    • Be a proactive leader and encourage employees to be upstanders, not a bystanders.

  • Key Content Features

    • Robust eLearning course structured around the different types of sexual harassment topics and how each should be handled.
    • High-quality video scenarios, practical instruction, and self-reflection activities for employees and managers.
    • Practical instruction on how to handle a sexual harassment complaint, support team members who have been harassed, encourage employees to be upstanders, set expectations for the team, and more.
    • Versions: Manager and Employee courses. State and City versions where mandated. Available in English and Spanish.
  • Course Details

    Quid Pro Quo ( 14 minutes)

    • What constitutes Quid Pro Quo sexual harassment
    • How to report inappropriate conduct (to another manager or HR) if you are a target of sexual harassment from a person in authority

    Hostile Work Environment (18 minutes)

    • What inappropriate sexual conduct and behaviors that constitute sexual harassment look like
    • What to do if you are the target of demeaning conduct based on gender or unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature
    • What to do if you witness conduct that is sexual in nature 

    Hostile Work Environment from a Third-Party (6 minutes)

    • What harassment involving non-employees (e.g., vendor or customer) looks like
    • How to report unwelcome conduct from a third-party

    Hostile Work Environment When You're Not the Target (5 minutes)

    • How sexual harassment can occur when you’re not directly targeted
    • The importance of respectful language and behavior in the workplace

    Stopping Inappropriate Conduct and Handling a Complaint  (15 minutes)

    • How to be a proactive leader and encourage team members to be upstanders instead of bystanders
    • The importance of communicating clear standards that promote a respectful work environment
    • The steps for properly handling employee complaints and reporting them to HR

Once & For All interactive eLearning courses combine:

  • 7x award-winning video segments
  • Self-assessments and activities developed by experts in organizational research and instructional design with 30+ years of experience
  • Knowledge checks that go beyond information retention to truly understand behavioral intent
  • Behavioral theory backed by science implemented into the course that can be measured and tracked to show progress over time


Note: Once & For All is a fully interactive eLearning course. The preview at the top of this page shows how a learner would progress through the course and does not include all learner activities provided in the purchased eLearning. For a special preview of the full course, please contact us.

Our free How to Stop Sexual Harassment Once & For All eBook

makes the business case for why every organization should immediately
undertake sexual harassment prevention training.  Download this helpful
resource today.


Contact us to learn more about how to implement this Sexual Harassment Prevention training in your organization.

Call: 800-408-5657.

  • Awards and Recognition

    This program has been honored by a number of prestigious organizations for cinematic and educational excellence.

    Accolade Global Film Competition
    AVA Digital Awards
    Telly Awards
    American Business Awards
    Hermes Creative Awards
    Marcom Awards
    Videographer Awards

Product Details

Product Details
Is Best Seller? Yes
Program Length 60 Min
Format eLearning, USB
Languages English, Spanish
Producer Media Partners

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