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200% Compliance Protection Guarantee

If you are a current Media Partners’ Once & For All customer in good standing, and you are assessed a fine or penalty by a Federal or State government agency as a result of inaccurate or non-compliant training materials provided by Media Partners in connection with the Once & for All program...

We will pay your related government penalty or fine up to 2x your annual Once & For All subscription fee*. 


*The following limitations apply to this guarantee:

You must have:

  1. Properly followed, fully implemented and completed all applicable training requirements detailed in the Media Partners Requirements Matrix for your applicable Federal and State jurisdictions.
  2. Properly identified the employees that need training and verified that the languages provided by Media Partners are sufficient.  
  3. Provided the required training in the time and manner required by the then-current Requirements Matrix.
  4. Notified Media Partners no later than 10 days after being notified by any government agency of any alleged non-compliance.  
  5. Assisted Media Partners in confirming the occurrence of the error, including providing Media Partners with access to your training logs, materials, reports, and other related records.
  6. Assisted Media Partners in challenging the respective authority, if Media Partners determines it to be incorrect.
  7. Mitigated your losses after becoming aware of a potential error.

Media Partners is not responsible for incorrect or non-compliant training caused by a government authority’s failure to provide correct or current information or for legislative, regulatory or other legal changes requiring compliance under six months. This guarantee only applies to subscription sales of Media Partners’ Once & For All  training materials on or after April 15, 2020 for U.S. Federal and State jurisdictions. Media Partners’ total liability is limited to and shall not exceed the amount of this guarantee.

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