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Inclusion, Diversity and Equity Task Force Charter

The Media Partners Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity Task Force shall act as an advisory council to the executive leadership team. Our goal is to cultivate a culture that values intersectionality and dismantles overt and covert racist thinking, behavior, and communication of any kind. The task force shall seek input from its workforce to inform and formulate recommendations to the executive leadership team regarding how Media Partners can implement strategic and tactical steps to move this work forward. Specifically, this task force will work with executive leadership to:

  • Evaluate the company culture consistently
  • Identify and implement actionable steps to augment and improve company culture
  • Model and practice equitable treatment when recruiting, hiring, promoting, or making compensation offers or adjustments
  • Embed intersectionality and anti-racist practices into products and services offered
  • Measure and report quarterly progress to the board of directors and the work force

The success of this task force to deliver its mission requires focus, collaboration, funding, and support from the executive leadership team and the Media Partners work force to build a more equitable and inclusive culture.

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