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Unintentional Still Hurts: Overcoming Unconscious Bias 2021 Release

Media Partners releases a new eLearning course ‘Unintentional Still Hurts: Overcoming Unconscious BIas’ to address bias in the workplace

The three-module course and Instructor-Led Training (ILT) builds upon the company’s award-winning workplace behavior change training programs


Bellevue, WA— June 24, 2021—Media Partners Corporation, an award-winning people skills, and compliance training content producer, announces the release of Unintentional Still Hurts: Overcoming Unconscious Bias. Through the new course, Media Partners uses powerful examples to raise awareness about bias and microaggressions in the workplace while providing practical strategies to help learners STEP forward to identify and challenge their biases. As today’s organizations seek to create a more respectful, safe, and engaged workplace, Media Partners is known for creating programs that address difficult topics and inspire lasting organizational culture change.


No one wants to believe that they judge people based on stereotypes or assumptions or that they make biased decisions that hurt other people. But it happens. While experts agree that we cannot completely eliminate implicit biases, Media Partners understands that with intention and training, people can take steps to identify and overcome them. Media Partners’ DEIB solutions take learners on a journey toward cultural competence, self-awareness, and impactful change. The result is a workplace culture that values the voice of every employee.


“Over the past year, individuals and organizations have increasingly committed to meaningful culture change—particularly with regard to ensuring the fair treatment of everyone and the creation of more diverse, inclusive workplaces,” says John Hansen, CEO of Media Partners. “Providing Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging training supports the pursuit of a workplace free of discrimination, systemic racism, inequality and disrespect – one where all employees feel safe, respected and fully engaged.”


Unintentional Still Hurts: Overcoming Unconscious Bias helps organizations:

  • Overcome resistance and misconceptions regarding bias through video examples that show how biased statements, questions or microaggressions can hurt, even when unintentional. Learners are taught the science behind why everyone has biases and how biases block equity and inclusion.
  • Immediately minimize the impact of implicit bias through activities that encourage personal reflection and enable learners to recognize their biases, challenge them, and set them aside.
  • Inspire positive change (not fear and avoidance) by reminding learners that while biases may lead us to sometimes say or do the wrong thing, these mistakes (when handled correctly) can generate meaningful dialogue and increased understanding.
  • Encourage people to be “upstanders” and allies with instruction on how to respectfully speak up on behalf of another person when you witness explicit or implicit bias or microaggression.
  • Tap into the knowledge of subject matter experts

Unintentional Still Hurts has been reviewed and approved by specialists in DEIB and LGBTQ+ inclusion. Experienced DEIB facilitators can be provided upon request.


Studies show numerous benefits to improving diversity and building inclusion into the workplace; Organizations with an inclusive culture versus those without are 2x as likely to meet or exceed financial targets, 6x more likely to innovate and 6x more likely to anticipate change and respond. Gender-diverse companies are 25% more likely to outperform their peers and ethnically diverse companies are 36% more likely to outperform their peers. Unintentional Still Hurts: Overcoming Unconscious Bias is a relatable, memorable and engaging implicit bias training program that will inspire behavioral changes and elevate organizational culture in the workplace.


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