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11 Success Behaviors for the New Year

Resolving to be a Better "You" at Work

The start of any new year is a time for new beginnings, clean slates, and finally following through on that gym membership. Here at Media Partners, we strive to become better versions of ourselves at work-- starting with the way we think. From challenging our “Rebuttal Brain” to something as simple as sharing a smile, this infographic suggests 11 Success Behaviors for the New Year.

1. Call Out Other People’s Success - pay someone an unexpected compliment when they do something right or thank someone for their consistent hard work.
2. Challenge Your “Rebuttal Brain”- avoid dismissing someone else’s idea or position before they’ve had an opportunity to fully explain it.
3. Take A Stand - help put an end to bullying, harassment and disrespect. When it shows up, speak up!
4. Find Common Ground - in the face of disagreement, stay open-minded! Try to find mutual goals.
5. Smile More! - cracking a grin is scientifically proven to boost your mood. Plus, it encourages others to do the same!
6. Put Down Distractions - be mindful of distractions (like your phone!) that prevent you from giving others your full attention.
7. Value Time - respect your own time and everyone else’s. Resolve to be on time and stay organized.
8. Be Inclusive - welcome the input of others. Make sure you are not excluding certain people from meetings or opportunities.
9. Check Your Biases - genuinely take the time to notice and challenge your biases. When you sense them, set them aside and give everyone a fair shot.
10. Watch Your Words - even if you mean well, your words and actions still have the potential to offend. Be mindful of them.
11. Invest In Your Employees - Build the best in your employees! Offer training and development on their terms. 

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