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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion 


How Was Your Day? is our #1 selling program for building awareness and inspiring behavior change in the critical areas of unconscious bias, inclusion, harassment and bullying.



Sexual Harassment 


Once & For All is award winning sexual harassment prevention training with a 200% compliance guarantee. The course features relatable vignettes and practical instruction.  Employee & Manager and State Versions.


Unconscious Bias


Unintentional Still Hurts implicit bias training goes beyond the basics-- focusing on impact vs. intent, the concept of microaggressions, and how to identify and respond to bias.




Inspired leadership can be cultivated. Our LEAD NOW! program provides a simple and comprehensive system for identifying and improving behaviors needed to lead others toward organizational success.


Workplace Violence


Intimidation, threats and assaults come in many forms. Our Getting Real About Workplace Violence solution helps people recognize, prevent and respond to all types.


Customer Service Excellence


Fill the Glass! uses inspiring, true stories and practical instruction to show frontline employees how to turn ordinary service transactions into extraordinary encounters.

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