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Our Leadership training solutions cover communication, integrity, problem solving, negotiation, change management, vision, mentoring, motivation, accountability, and more.

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  1. LEAD NOW!
    Best Seller

    Through engaging insights and actionable instruction, LEAD NOW! provides leaders at all levels with a personalized way to enhance or develop critical leadership skills.


    • 5-10 min per module
    • eLearning
    • USB
  2. Leadership Pickle
    Leadership Pickle

    Bob Farrell reveals how your leadership can model the "pickle philosophy" for your team. According to Bob, "Leaders are those who SERVE the people who SERVE the customer." Give them what they need and your employees can achieve great things.

    • 18 min.
    • eLearning
    • USB
  3. The Abilene Paradox
    Best Seller
    The Abilene Paradox

    This long-time bestselling program keeps teams from heading in the wrong direction.  It shows group leaders and managers how to avoid "false consensus" and cultivate an environment where employees feel comfortable sharing their true opinion. 


    • 26 min
    • eLearning
    • USB
  4. Magic of We
    Magic of We

    This versatile case study from Snapper Lawn Mowers provides powerful lessons on leadership, problem solving, communication and teamwork.  


    • 30 minutes
    • USB
  5. 5 Questions Every Leader Must Ask
    5 Questions Every Leader Must Ask

    Managers today are expected to solve problems, achieve goals, and lead change.  This video teaches managers how to collaborate with team members to find effective ideas and solutions. 


    • 27 min
    • eLearning
  6. Change and Innovation Through Brainstorming
    Change and Innovation Through Brainstorming

    Whether we pursue it, or it is forced upon us, change can make or break any business. The determining factor for success relies on the attitude of the employees challenged with adapting to the change and charged with finding new solutions. This program derailsĀ the most common myths and misconceptions that hinder innovation.

    • 36 min
    • USB
  7. Would I Inspire Me?
    Would I Inspire Me?

    What does it take to inspire a work group to greater commitment and productivity? As this video shows, it's not charisma. Rather, it's behavior that any well-intentioned leader can emulate.

    • 16 minutes
    • USB
  8. Groupthink

    Using the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster as a backdrop, this classic program shows the "groupthink" phenomenon and the questions that led to the concept of making group decisions, drivers of group agreement, monumental error resulted from group decisions, and signals to watch for. 

    • 22 min
    • eLearning
    • USB
  9. Would I Follow Me?
    Would I Follow Me?

    If you could be on the receiving end of your own leadership style, how do you think you'd answer this question: Would I follow me? It's an interesting thought and a very entertaining video where leaders learn effective behaviors and come to appreciate the impact they have on group success.

    • 18 min
    • USB

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