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Workplace communication training helps prevent the kind of miscommunication and misunderstandings that compromise organizational performanceMedia Partners has communication skills courses on verbal and non-verbal communication, listening, email communication, presentation skills and more. 

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  1. Communication Counts: Speaking and Listening for Results
    Communication Counts: Speaking and Listening for Results

    A lack of communication can be costly to any organization. This video depicts 6 common communication problems and how to avoid them.

    • 19 min
    • eLearning
  2. Respectful Communicator: The Part You Play
    Respectful Communicator: The Part You Play

    Going beyond communication "basics," this video depicts the art of respectful communication--including being mindful about the way you come across, and showing others their input is valued.


    • 18 min
    • eLearning
    • USB
  3. Tell Me A Story
    Tell Me A Story

    Through workplace examples and actionable tips, this training helps organizations develop leaders who can move and inspire people through effective storytelling.

    • 18 min
    • eLearning
    • USB
  4. The Abilene Paradox
    Best Seller
    The Abilene Paradox

    This long-time bestselling program keeps teams from heading in the wrong direction.  It shows group leaders and managers how to avoid "false consensus" and cultivate an environment where employees feel comfortable sharing their true opinion. 


    • 26 min
    • eLearning
    • USB
  5. Talk Isn't Cheap!
    Talk Isn't Cheap!

    Poor communication costs money. And it's not just money that's wasted; it's energy, enthusiasm for the job and relationships as well. This video demonstrates four practical,  techniques for improving communication in the workplace.

    • 19 min
    • USB
  6. Change and Innovation Through Brainstorming
    Change and Innovation Through Brainstorming

    Whether we pursue it, or it is forced upon us, change can make or break any business. The determining factor for success relies on the attitude of the employees challenged with adapting to the change and charged with finding new solutions. This program derailsĀ the most common myths and misconceptions that hinder innovation.

    • 36 min
    • USB
  7. Speaking Effectively to 1 or 1000
    Speaking Effectively to 1 or 1000

    Public speaking is a highly desired skill in today's workplace, yet most people don't consider themselves to be good at it or even enjoy it. This entertaining program gives practical advice on how to deliver a compelling message to a group of any size. 

    • 24 minutes
    • USB
  8. Groupthink

    Using the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster as a backdrop, this classic program shows the "groupthink" phenomenon and the questions that led to the concept of making group decisions, drivers of group agreement, monumental error resulted from group decisions, and signals to watch for. 

    • 22 min
    • eLearning
    • USB
  9. Communicating Non-Defensively
    Communicating Non-Defensively

    We're all naturally defensive to some degree, but all of us must be responsible for how we deliver and receive messages, as well as the symptoms and consequences of inappropriate defensiveness.

    • Shows how to end defensiveness with co-workers
    • Reduces interpersonal conflict in the workplace
    • Helps people communicate openly and honestly
    • 19 min
    • eLearning
    • USB

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