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Tell Me A Story

Storytelling - A Powerful Way for Leaders to Inspire Action

18 min | by CRM Learning, LP

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Through workplace examples and actionable tips, this training helps organizations develop leaders who can move and inspire people through effective storytelling.

Languages: English, Spanish
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Product Description

The right story told at the right time gets people to feel a certain way and inspires them to take a specific action or buy-in to an idea. 

In this program, communication expert John A. Jenson illustrates the difference between conveying information and creating an emotional experience through story. Individuals from various types of industries are then shown telling stories designed to move the audience or listener in a specific way. 

The following points about storytelling are demonstrated:

  • Have a Point - Plan and know what you want people to THINK, FEEL, or DO differently as a result of your story?
  • Choose the Right Story to Support Your Point – Select the style of story (humorous, inspirational, instructive) that will most effectively fit with the point you’re making.
  • Craft Your Story So that It’s Compelling – Set the scene, keep from adding things that are unessential, use humor or emotion, be humble, and effectively tie the story to your main point.
  • Deliver It - Speak “low and slow”, don’t memorize every word, use good pacing and timing, maintain confident and relaxed body language, and practice!

Trainees are encouraged to experiment with the use of stories in their day-to-day worklives. The program's workshop materials enable them to identify relevant stories, fully develop and deliver one story, keep a Story Journal going forward, and link those stories to different organizational issues and opportunities.

Product Details

Product Details
Is Best Seller? No
Program Length 18 min
Format eLearning, USB
Languages English, Spanish
Producer CRM Learning, LP

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