Best Practices for Providing Bloodborne Pathogens Training

Prevent the Spread of Infectious Bloodborne Diseases

When it comes to workplace safety training, few topics are as important as providing your employees with bloodborne pathogens training to prevent the spread of infectious bloodborne diseases. Here are some best practices for providing training on bloodborne pathogens. 

Make it Annual

Under OSHA’s Bloodborne Pathogen (BBP) Standard, employers must provide bloodborne pathogens training when onboarding new “occupationally exposed” employees, as well as annually to keep the information fresh for anyone who may come into contact with blood or other bodily fluids. This training must include information on modes of transmission of BBPs, as well as symptoms, methods to reduce exposure, and what to do after exposure. Training videos include this information, and also provide a good starting point for an interactive question and answer session - another requirement of OSHA’s BBP Standard. Make bloodborne pathogens training a standard in your employee and management training.

Make Sure It’s Informative and Engaging

Certainly, required workplace safety training can sometimes feel dry and tedious. But when you utilize high-quality training videos and support materials, you’re more likely to keep employees engaged. And the more engaged the trainee, the better they learn and retain the safety information. 

Media Partners offers many high-quality Bloodborne Pathogen Training videos, all with realistic depictions of workplace safety hazards and accidents, and easy-to-follow reenactments of the steps you should take to respond safely when blood or bodily fluids are present at work. 

Make it Specific and Targeted

Do your best to make bloodborne pathogens training as specific and targeted to your various departments and employees as possible. There are numerous informative training videos that feature very specific healthcare and industrial settings, and certainly employees always appreciate (and learn better) when the characters featured in a workplace safety training video are similar to them, facing the same situations they do every day.

So whether your employees are industrial workers,, healthcare workers or first responders, there is a bloodborne pathogens video training program from Media Partners targeted to your situation.