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workplace violence quiz
According to subject matter experts, myths and misinformation about workplace violence often cause organizations to focus on the wrong things—or do nothing.

Test your understanding of this critical safety and security concern with this 5-question quiz.


For most people, the quiz reveals just how much there is to learn on this topic.

When it comes to workplace violence, knowledge is power. Building the knowledge to recognize concerning behaviors, and the skills to respond appropriately to those behaviors, effectively empowers employees and managers to prevent a possible life-threatening situation in the workplace.

But knowledge-building doesn’t end there. A comprehensive approach to workplace violence prevention must also include response options in the event individuals are swept into a violent incident—wherever and however that might happen. The benefits to response training are far-reaching in that it helps individuals think through worst-case scenarios in a controlled and safe way.

Providing training in workplace violence awareness, prevention, and response helps to create and nurture an organizational culture where people are mindful, not fearful.

Getting Real About Workplace Violence is the highly effective training program that organizations are using to build employee and manager awareness and ability in these areas:

  • Recognizing the potential for workplace violence in its earliest stages.
  • Taking action when needed—whether that’s early, preventative action or decisive, life-saving action in response to an extreme workplace violence event.