Humorous Customer Service Training Videos that Motivate Employees

Having employees who provide top-notch customer service is a very serious business competency. But training those employees to achieve that goal doesn’t have to be. There are many customer service training videos on the market that effectively use humor to motivate employees to do better and teach them the skills to consistently provide outstanding service.


Because customer service is one of those skills for which organizations tend to conduct training frequently, it’s important to keep the training material fresh and interesting, and humorous customer service videos are a great way to accomplish that. Humor is also a great way to break down defensiveness and resistance to change. If your team member recognizes their own bad behavior in a video character who is doing something incorrectly, they’re less likely to get defensive if the video is humorous rather than preachy.


Here are some great humorous and relatable customer service training videos we recommend for motivating employees, especially the front line, and teaching them great service skills. 


Give ‘em the Pickle - Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlor and Restaurant founder Bob Farrell uses humorous stories and a funny presentation style to teach employees that the key to keeping customers coming back is to find out what's important to them, and then provide it: if they want an extra pickle, don’t charge them more money; give ‘em the pickle already! “Pickles” are those extra or special things you do to make people happy. Highly entertaining and motivational, Give ‘em the Pickle will inspire employees and managers to do the most important thing possible: take care of the customer.


WAYMISH (Why Are You Making It So Hard...for me to give you my money?) - Have you ever been shopping somewhere, ready to spend your money, when something (or someone) frustrates you so much that you leave? That’s the premise behind this funny training program, which uses fictional “hidden camera footage” to expose funny (and frustrating) WAYMISHes committed by unsuspecting customer service employees in a variety of industries. When you need customer service videos to train both employees and managers, WAYMISH and its accompanying manager’s module, WAYMISH: The Supervisor Show, are a great way to teach all levels of your team how to avoid common customer frustrations that result in lost sales.   


The Guest - This funny bestselling video teaches one simple lesson: treat a customer like you would a guest in your home. Viewers follow a host as he visits his favorite local store - where he’s treated like a guest in the owner’s home - and then on to other establishments where he humorously doesn’t quite receive the same level of service.

For additional humorous customer service videos that will motivate your employees to provide great service, we recommend the companion to Give 'em the Pickle, What's Your Pickle?, and The Difficult Guest.