Motivating Employees to Care About Safety
Encouraging employee safety awareness is a challenge for managers and leaders in industries where workplace safety and risk are ever-present concerns. It isn’t enough to simply teach all the proper safety procedures; organizations must also find a way to motivate employees to care enough about workplace safety to want to make it a priority on the job.


Workplace Safety Statistics Underline the Risks

Numbers from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics are shockingly serious for anyone who works outside the home: in a recent year, more than 4,300 people were killed and more than 3.5 million people were injured on the job. With data like that, you would think everyone would sit up and take notice during mandated safety training. And yet, learning about safety procedures can be dry and tedious, and sometimes employees “tune out.”

Learning safety protocols is an exercise of the brain: teaching the proper procedures to take to avoid accidents and mitigate risks. But motivating employees to care about safety - so that they want to practice those safe behaviors and don’t have to be reminded - that appeals to the heart. And one very effective way to reach employees’ hearts is through real-life stories of other people who’ve faced workplace safety challenges. This is where training with visuals comes in.

Build a Commitment to Safe Behaviors with Safety Awareness Training Videos

Safety training that relates stories of real, devastating workplace accidents or crises are an effective way to build safety awareness and a commitment to safe behaviors on the job. In some cases, these videos enable employees to hear people share firsthand how their lives were forever changed by failing to put workplace safety first. 

In other cases, employees hear inspirational true stories of people whose safety mindset helped them successfully avoid an accident or catastrophic outcome. One such story is that of Captain Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger and how he drew upon his safety training and experience to steer his disabled US Airways jet to a wet but miraculously safe landing in the Hudson River.

Teamwork in Crisis: The Miracle of Flight 232 is a training video that features another true story. In this case, viewers see how teamwork saved many lives. It shows cross-functional teams working together through Preparation, Cooperation, Communication, Execution, and even a little Luck.

Engage Employees with Real-Life Safety Stories

When it comes to safety, it’s extremely important to find ways to engage employees. Media Partners offers safety training videos that connect with people via real-life stories of safety challenges and successes. Explore Media Partners’ entire collection of workplace safety training videos.