1. How Filters Improve Workplace Communication

    How Filters Improve Workplace Communication

    As the workforce continues to grow and diversify—spanning different ages, backgrounds, values, and communication styles—the potential for conflict, divisiveness, and alienation of others increases. The ability to use "filters" is one way to maintain a respectful, inclusive workplace.

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  2. The 5 Love Languages At Work

    The 5 Love Languages At Work

    Employee Appreciation -- it's what every employee wants, and what every manager and team leader needs to show. See how The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace can help managers take the right approach.

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  3. How to Handle Those Pesky Time Thieves - Time Management for Managers

    Managers face 50-60 interruptions a day. In the moment, it can feel like it's best to handle each distraction as it comes up
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  4. Get Inspired! Media Partners Presents Jackson Hospital’s Customer Service Success Story

    Outstanding customer service is powerful. In the case of Jackson Hospital, powerful enough to change an organizational culture and win the hearts—and support—of a community. Read the intriguing story of what a rural Florida hospital achieved using Media Partners content.
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  5. Media Partners Survey: Leaders and Their Skills Top 2020 Organizational Training Priorities

    Media Partners Survey: Leaders and Their Skills Top 2020 Organizational Training Priorities

    A Media Partners survey of Learning & Development Professionals asked about their top-of-mind training topics for the year ahead, and we found that attention is solidly focused on the skills leaders need along with competencies that drive organizational success. See the results.

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  6. (eBook) The Sad State of Soft Skills | Tips & Takeaways for Addressing the Gap

    Here's an eBook no L&D professional should be without. It provides a great overview of what soft skills are, which ones are most in-demand today, and how to find effective soft skills training.
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  7. (Video Clip) How Coaches Impact Our Success

    Do you feel like you have a handle on the coaching part of your job? Great!
    If not, and knowing how and when to coach someone is unclear or feels a little daunting, we’ve got you covered. This short clip shows why it is worth the effort.

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