(Video Clip) Extra Effort Deserves Recognition

Too often, managers fail to recognize great effort on the part of an employee. Watch this 1-minute clip.

Practical Coach 2 clip provided for PREVIEW ONLY; not to be used for training.

Obviously, we aren’t advocating employees skip their breaks or cut short their lunch. What this clip depicts is an employee who went above and beyond to demonstrate their commitment to the organization…and a manager who seems to have missed it completely.

Had she been paying attention and doing her job as performance coach, Audrey’s manager could have thanked her for the extra effort and gently reminded her that even on the busiest of days, it’s important to take breaks. Audrey would have left feeling appreciated instead of ignored.

And it’s not just extra effort on super busy days that needs to be recognized. Managers should find ways to reward good work whenever and wherever it occurs. Media Partners popular program The Practical Coach 2 provides excellent training in this area. We also recommend Keeping the Good Ones and The Respectful Supervisor: Motivating and Retaining Employees.