(Video Clip) Savvy Leaders Avoid Making Hasty Decisions

Smart doctors know that prescribing without diagnosing is bad medicine.
Smart leaders know that making rash decisions without researching is bad business.
This 1-minute clip explains:

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The Lesson for Leaders

In today's fast-paced world, there is often pressure to make rush decisions and implement solutions too quickly. But as the saying goes, "haste makes waste."

When possible, leaders should slow down—even during stressful times—and learn as much as they can about the problem or issue in front of them. Uncovering the root cause will help ensure that the proposed course of action is effective.

To conduct an accurate diagnosis, leaders should include these steps:

  • Get the input and opinions of many people, including those who are close to the situation and those who are not (outsiders can bring a fresh perspective)
  • Be willing to ask the tough questions (e.g. "Is there anything I am doing to contribute to this problem?"; "Is this problem related to a 'pet project' that may need to be re-evaluated?")
  • Seek out any quantitative data that could help avoid actions based on assumptions and intuition

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