Content is Crucial: “Furnish” Your LMS Room-by-Room
Whether or not training moves a learner to change their behavior depends in large part on the quality of their learning experience. In this post (Part 2 of our Content is Crucial Series) we explore one way to ensure your LMS investment yields the desired outcomes.


Content Crucial 2_kitchen playRust-colored shag carpeting and avocado counters are dated today, but when my parents moved our family into a new home in the 70s, it was a highly desired decorating theme. I recall how excited my mom was with the new appliances and the new furniture they purchased for the family room and kitchen.

The living room and dining room were a different story. To the delight of my brothers and me, except for a stereo console and a hutch that used to be my grandmother’s, both rooms stood empty for six months, providing an indoor gymnastics and wrestling playground. My parents could have brought the hand-me-down furnishings we had in our previous home, but instead they patiently saved to buy quality furniture that would suit our new surroundings, and their rambunctious kids.

Like a new house, an LMS is a big purchase. It’s important to take the time to consider how you will furnish it. Quality content matters. Having hundreds of titles on your LMS doesn’t ensure that you will always have the right program to meet the current needs and challenges of your organization. Content Crucial 2_new furniture 2

For instance, in the important area of building and maintaining a culture of respect, the training goal must be lasting behavior change. Everyone in the organization needs to fully understand that inappropriate (or illegal) behaviors like sexual harassment, discrimination and bullying will not be tolerated. And, each employee needs to feel willing and able to stand up for themselves and others when they experience or witness inappropriate conduct. “Check the box” respectful workplace training (common to many large content libraries) rarely has this impact. 

Instead, augment your current library with premier learning content designed to engage learners and change behavior. Premier content (like Media Partners’ How Was Your Day? and Once & For All) features high-quality scripting, acting, instructional design and support materials known for breaking through learner resistance and creating lasting behavior change. 

So, remember our furniture analogy. Just like choosing furniture that meets your needs and enhances your new home, Content Crucial 2_cat-2make sure you select top quality, behavior-changing content that will satisfy learners and improve the overall effectiveness of your L&D efforts. Our account managers are available to partner with you to furnish your LMS Library one “room” – or training topic – at a time.

We recommend these quality content courses available as interactive eLearning, streaming video, or for classroom delivery:

How Was Your Day: Getting Real About Bias, Inclusion, Harassment and Bullying

Once & For All: Stopping Sexual Harassment at Work
Employee Version | Manager Version | California Compliant | New York Compliant

MANAGER MOMENTS: How to Build a High-Performing Team 

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