(Video Clip) How Coaches Impact Our Success

Think coaching others takes too much time?
This short clip shows why it's well worth the effort.


Clip from The Practical Coach 2 for preview only; not to be used for training. 


There are moments when something happens to change – even transform – our beliefs about who we are and what we can accomplish. Coaching Clip_moments

  • An unexpected acknowledgement of hard work. 
  • A gentle suggestion – “Hey, why don’t you try it this way?”
  • A brief note, email, or text of appreciation.
  • Encouragement to take advantage of an opportunity.
  • A guiding hand when you feel lost in uncertainty.
  • Sponsorship for a promotion or an exciting new project.

Look back at those moments in your life. Who was there for you?

We remember the people who believe in us, who give us support, guidance, and encouragement. We don’t forget them. Years after the fact, we remember the handwritten note, the advice and counsel, the help and inspiration.

What we do forget, or tend to overlook, is that we can – and do – provide those moments for others.

  • We can offer the support, sponsorship, encouragement, guidance, appreciation, and recognition. We can be that person for them.
  • We can help them succeed in ways they never expected (and, when we do, it feels amazing).

You know what else is amazing?  If you’re a manager, you get to do this as part of your job!

If your organizations' managers have a handle on the coaching part of their job...great!
But, if not – if knowing how and when to coach someone is unclear or feels a little daunting to some – we’ve got you covered. A few of our top training programs are listed below.

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