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Do You Have Bullying Tendencies?

Most people don’t want to think of themselves as bullies. But on any given day, there are power and control tactics used by many (knowingly or unknowingly) that could demean, devalue or disrespect others. 

Take this quick, free online self-assessment to help you see if there are times when you exhibit some of these behaviors.

Use The Assessment to Help Create a More Respectful Workplace

The statements in the anonymous, online assessment reflect power and control behaviors which have the potential to contribute to a difficult or hostile working environment. 

If you answer "frequently," "sometimes," or "rarely" to several—or even just a few—of the statements, consider how your actions could negatively impact your co-workers or employees. Try to be more aware of your behavior and keep it respectful and considerate. Talk with your manager, a mentor, a colleague, or Human Resources for help or coaching.

Please note: This assessment is only a quick snapshot meant to heighten your self-awareness and encourage you to make changes if needed.

The first step toward change is self-awareness. Kudos to you for taking that first step!

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