How to Encourage Passion at Work

Cultivating Workplace Passion

Do your organization’s employees display enthusiasm in the workplace, or could the level of passion at work be improved? While it might not be possible to teach passion, you can certainly help people tap into passion they already have and channel it into activities at work that align with their enthusiasm.

Without passion at work, employees may “sleepwalk” at work, doing the bare minimum to get by and earn their paycheck. But with passion and enthusiasm in the workplace, employees feel driven to pursue excellence, to avoid cutting corners and to give their best even when they’re tired. Passion ignites increased focus and creativity, and spreads energy to other team members that enables work to be completed better and more quickly.


Try these strategies for instilling more passion at work.

  • Hire for passion. Include questions about passion and enthusiasm in the workplace during the hiring process. Ask things like, “What inspires you?” and “What do you love about your career?” Be willing to prioritize passion over experience in your hiring so you can find people who bring a high level of engagement from the get-go.
  • Discuss it as a team. Utilize workplace training videos and group sessions to encourage team members to tap into their passions. Videos like Make it Matter: How to Make Yourself and Your Organization Essential help employees see what true workplace passion and engagement look like, and gets them discussing what makes them passionate and how they can bring that enthusiasm to work.
  • Craft the job around their interests. Once a leader determines what gets a particular employee “fired up,” they should work to craft the employee’s responsibilities and job description around that passion. Also, encourage employees to work on projects they are interested in, in addition to those to which they are assigned.


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