Being More Open Minded: A Key to Inclusion

How to Be More Open Minded and Inclusive

In today’s workplaces you'll find people from all walks of life with all sorts of backgrounds and experiences. But having a diverse workforce doesn’t always mean you have a respectful workplace, where every employee is equally and fully utilized.

It's important that every employee feels they have the chance to contribute and that they understand the importance of letting others do the same.

Here are two ways to remain open minded and able to consider input from a variety of sources:

  1. Turn OFF your Rebuttal Brain
  2. Ask Questions.

This video clip explains...

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So, when you find yourself being closed minded...remember these two things:

1. Turn OFF your Rebuttal Brain 

A Rebuttal Brain is something we all have.  But we can control it.

If you find yourself immediately disregarding or judging your colleagues’ ideas as soon as they open their mouth, make the choice to turn off those defensive or argumentative responses, and instead try to...

2. Ask Questions

Asking questions is a great way to respectfully engage with and involve others. The goal is to ask effective questions that will help you determine if someone else’s ideas will “hold water," like:

How would your idea work?
Could you give me an example?
Is there any way we can we test your idea?

When you work to remain open minded by turning off your rebuttal brain, listening, and asking questions, you take the first step to creating a more inclusive workplace where everyone can have a voice.



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