More Than A Gut Feeling IV

28 min | by Sollah Interactive

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Interviewers are more likely to select the best person for the job when they use a Behavior-Based Interviewing (BBI) approach. This video shows how BBI takes gut feelings, stereotypes and biases out of the interview process and uses past behaviors to predict future behavior.

Languages: English, Spanish
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Product Description

Based on the work of Industrial Organizational Psychologist Paul C. Green, PhD—a recognized pioneer of the behavior-based interviewing (BBI) strategy—More Than a Gut Feeling is used  to improve hiring in organizations of all types and sizes.

This revised and updated 4th edition features:

  • additional coverage on how to uncover behavioral predictors. 
  • meaningful insight on how a thorough job analysis can be the basis for developing effective behavior-based interviewing questions.
  • practical interviewing techniques that help organizations build their best team, while saving time and money.


The "Behavior-based" Approach
More Than a Gut Feeling IV is based on the premise that people tend to perform in the future the same way they've performed in the past.
The course helps interviewers go beyond making hiring decisions based primarily on how they feel about a candidate. Behavior-based questions enable them to gain specific examples of what a candidate has done in the past, and these examples then act as a predictor of how the person is likely to perform in the position for which they've applied.

Rooted in the behavioral science developed by Dr. Paul Green, More Than a Gut Feeling IV provides invaluable insight and unparalleled expertise while teaching managers how to:
  • Plan a logical, structured interview that includes pre-planned interview questions.
  • Recognize the importance of developing an interview plan based on thorough knowledge of the job to be filled.
  • Understand that a behavioral example is a specific life-history event that can be used to determine the presence or absence of a skill.
  • Probe further and seek out behavioral predictors.
  • Use interviewing techniques that allow for interviewer control.
  • Make selection decisions based on facts and information — not on gut feeling.
  • Use the concept of “the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior” and how it is important in the behavioral-based interview process.
  • Recognize why some questions cannot be legally asked in the interview process.
A Wealth of Interviewing Techniques are Provided
Interviewers and managers are taught to refrain from judging a candidate on "gut feeling" by using a number of practical techniques.

Specifically, the course provides "how to" instruction on:
  • Asking rapport-building questions
  • Discussing the job
  • Taking notes and explaining why
  • Asking specific, open-ended questions to get specific answers
  • Probing for behavioral predictors
  • Allowing for silence if necessary
  • Maintaining control
  • Getting contrary evidence
  • Evaluating
Training Options
The program can be taught via online individual self-paced learning, facilitator-led classroom training, or a combination of both.

Online Individual Self-paced Learning options include
  • eLearning - For more information on the eLearning option, please contact us at 1-800-408-5657.
  • Streaming - provides streaming of the More Than a Gut Feeling IV video only. Contact us for more information

These options can be accessed online or licensed through your LMS  (SCORM format). 

Facilitator-Led Classroom Training - includes DVD or USB containing the More Than a Gut Feeling IV video, a Leader's Guide, Employee Quizzes, PowerPoint set. (supplemental products available: Interviewing: More Than a Gut Feeling How-to Book and a Slide Rule of Legal and Illegal Questions.)


Product Details

Product Details
Is Best Seller? No
Program Length 28 min
Format eLearning, DVD, USB
languages English, Spanish
producer Sollah Interactive

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