5 Ways to Thank Your Administrative Professionals Distinctively

Administrative assistant, executive assistant, secretary, receptionist—whatever your organization calls the vital roles that provide support companywide, it’s time to celebrate them and the invaluable services they contribute.

April 26th is National Administrative Professionals Day.

What began in 1952 as National Secretaries Day has evolved along with the titles that accompany the many positions that ensure things get done in businesses everywhere. This Administrative Professionals Day don’t forget to say a heartfelt Thank You! to the everyday heroes who keep things running smoothly.

In addition to saying thanks, consider the unique skills and talents admins bring to your organization and look beyond traditional small gifts, lunches, or flowers to make your expressions of appreciation as distinctive as the people they celebrate.

Here are 5 ideas:

1. Pay attention. Schedule regular meetings with admins (if you aren’t doing so already). Checking in builds trust, shows that you care, and keeps you informed about their job satisfaction. Ensure that their well-being is considered and any wellness needs addressed
2. Ask what you can do to make your admins’ jobs easier. Software or other tools may help streamline work or distributing time-consuming, minor tasks to others may be appropriate.
3. Keep jobs engaging. Ensure that administrative professionals’ work includes occasional stretches, but keep duties fresh, interesting, and not overwhelming.
4. Remove roadblocks. Ask admins about any obstacles that interfere with their productivity – lack of resources, schedule issues, insufficient work flexibility, distracting co-workers, etc.
5. Offer opportunities to grow. Ask about admins’ goals for professional and personal growth. Provide learning opportunities (including courses, workshops, conferences, job shadowing, experiential learning), internal mobility options, and consider high-potential development programs that prepare top admins for leadership careers with your organization

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