Workplace Accountability in Education and Government

When your job is teaching others or serving the public, personal accountability plays a vital role in your success. In education, students of all ages have the ability to see through an educator’s character and when he or she lacks accountability, that teacher loses credibility in the eyes of their students.

Communication Skills
Communicating and behaving with accountability is equally important for government employees who must responsibly and accurately execute the laws of the land, and the services their agencies provide to the public.

Communication skills training that focuses on workplace accountability is an important tool in building a team’s ability to be counted on. It is important to teach lessons about taking responsibility for a task, empowering yourself to accomplish that task and then being responsible and accountable for the results you produce, whether good or bad.   

Accountability Skills
It also serves a team of educators or civil servants well when they learn to use the “language of accountability” at work. A communication skills video can teach the basics of building a common language of accountability that all teammates can share. Our word choices reflect what we are thinking, planning and committing to. In fact, it can work in reverse too: using certain words can sometimes influence our thinking and form our approach to problems ahead of time.

For instance, during a meeting, there’s a big difference in someone saying, “Someone really ought to look into that, as that seems to be a big area of wastefulness for us,” and, “I’ll own looking into that and will report back next week on how we might gain some savings in that area.” Our word choices help us communicate our complete ownership of a task, frame effective agreements, build a sense of empowerment and demonstrate our accountability.

Training Videos
Employees at all levels of government service and education have an obligation - to the public and to students - to conduct business and explain decisions in a clear, responsible manner. Communication skills training that emphasizes personal accountability is key to this timely learning challenge. For a video that teaches personal accountability, how to create clear agreements around tasks, how to build a common “language of accountability” and more, check out Accountability that Works, a bestselling communication skills training video that builds an accountability culture within your organization.

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