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Being Assertive

23 minutes | by CRM Learning, LP

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Defined as "the ability to express yourself openly and honestly without denying the rights of others", assertiveness is a key skill.  This video shows how it can be used to advance the achievement of individual and team goals. 

Languages: English
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Product Description

Talented people who don't master the art of communicating assertively can derail themselves from a successful career. By contrast, those who know how to express themselves appropriately can deal more confidently and effectively with a wide variety of people and business situations. 

The use of assertiveness skills in the workplace is varied and unlimited. How many times have you seen people fail to contribute a great idea because they're reluctant to speak up? Or miss a chance to resolve an interpersonal challenge because they're afraid to deal with conflict? 

The video demonstrates the benefits to having a workplace where assertiveness is valued:

  • Every problem can be discussed openly.
  • Because people are direct, communication becomes clearer and less miscommunication occurs.
  • Less time is spent gossiping and complaining.
  • People speak up and say what's on their mind without fear of censure or ridicule.

Product Details

Product Details
Is Best Seller? No
Program Length 23 minutes
Format USB
Languages English
Producer CRM Learning, LP

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