Top Manufacturing & Warehouse Safety Training Topics

Must-Cover Industrial Training Topics 

If you work in manufacturing or a warehouse, you’re probably acutely aware of the importance of workplace safety training. There are safety hazards everywhere you look, but with thorough manufacturing safety training, everyone in your organization can learn to recognize hazards and prevent them from becoming incidents, accidents or emergencies.

There are a number of manufacturing and warehouse safety training topics that should be covered for all employees. The first is a Safety Attitude or mindset. When employees are taught to take safety seriously and realize the impact of potential accidents on themselves, their families and their coworkers, then they will have formed the foundation for good safety behaviors, and all other safety efforts fall into place more easily. 

Another top manufacturing safety training topic is Forklift and Crane Safety. Forklifts are ubiquitous in small and large industry and in all types of warehouses and businesses. In addition, cranes, scissor lifts and other large equipment are often used in manufacturing, and employees need to be trained on proper operation techniques as well as safety guidelines when working near one of these machines. 

Personal Protective Equipment is an important training area for anyone working in manufacturing or a warehouse. With so many body parts at risk for damage in an industrial environment - hands and fingers, eyes, ears, back, head, lungs - personal protective equipment like gloves, safety glasses, ear plugs, hard hats and masks become extremely important for keeping employees healthy. Utilize workplace safety training videos from Media Partners to teach them how and when to use proper personal protective equipment. 

Safely handling Hazardous Materials is another key manufacturing safety training topic. There are often many chemicals in manufacturing and warehouse environments, so it’s important to teach safety skills like HazMat labeling, transportation, exposure risks, safe handling, and decontamination steps. 

Lastly, Fall Protection is a topic that requires attention in ANY industry or workplace, but is especially important in manufacturing and warehouse environments, and Slips, trips and falls - from spills, messy workspaces, or unstable walking surfaces - are things that are easily preventable with awareness, good housekeeping, and proper equipment use. 

Bonus Tip: When planning workplace safety training, make sure to include a refresher course on proper lifting techniques and general ergonomics (especially for employees in jobs with repetitive motion or who stand at a workstation all day) to protect employees’ back health, as well. 

There are dozens of workplace safety training videos available from Media Partners - from tool safety and heat stress to OSHA recordkeeping and lockout tagout safety training. You can create your own library of manufacturing safety training videos from our collections. They can become the centerpiece of your safety training classes.