Journey to a culture and legacy of respect.

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Organizations with a culture of diversity & inclusion are:


More likely to meet or exceed financial targets.


More likely to be innovative  


More likely to anticipate and respond to change

Culture-changing Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging training products and services.


How Was Your Day? Getting Real About Bias, Diversity and Inclusion, Harassment and Bullying

Provides the “awareness” step in the DEI training journey.  It’s 9-time award-winning content with a uniquely non-threatening approach to helping people understand and reflect on unconscious bias and diversity & inclusion.


Unintentional Still Hurts: Overcoming Unconscious Bias

Expands learners’ understanding of various types of bias and microaggressions, and how they hurt people and undermine inclusion. Teaches how to navigate intent vs. impact when handling situations where an offense has occurred (whether you are the perpetrator, the target or an observer).


Facilitation Services and Support from Subject Matter Experts

By supplementing the eLearning courses above with expert facilitation (vILT) and client support services, you can ensure your DEI training is not only more engaging and participative but also better aligned with organizational goals and values.


The journey is what you make it

Media Partners will help you deploy the learning in whatever manner and timeline is best for your organization.  Both How Was Your Day? and Unintentional Still Hurts are modularized to allow for maximum flexibility in delivery.  Employee and Managers versions, as well as different language versions, are also available.

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Unintentional STILL Hurts

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Media Partners DEI content wins awards!

Watch this powerful clip from How Was Your Day? to see how our products raise awareness and inspire behavior change.

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