Results You Can See: Behavior Changes Associated with Top Media Partners Films

At Media Partners, we often talk about our "behavior-changing content".  It's a claim we are confident making because time and time again we hear from customers that our films DO make a difference.  Scroll down to see examples in the areas of customer service, respectful workplace, decision making, accountability and sexual harassment prevention.

For your convenience, trailers of each film are provided on this page. Click on the film title(s) to access free full-length previews.

Product:  Give 'em The Pickle      
Training Category: Customer Service
Changed Behavior: Employees more frequently take actions that demonstrate a commitment to making customers happy.
Organizational Benefit:  Improved customer satisfaction.

Product: "How Was Your Day?" Getting Real About Bias, Inclusion, Harassment & Bullying     
Training Category:
 Respectful Workplace
Changed Behavior: Employees more likely to think before they act, which helps reduce insensitive (and potentially harassing and prejudicial) behaviors.
Organizational Benefit: More respectful and inclusive work environment.

Product: The Abilene Paradox      
Training Category:
 Team Leadership/Group Decision Making
Changed Behavior: Leaders avoid "false consensus" by encouraging debate and ensuring that people with dissenting opinions feel they can speak freely.
Organizational Benefit:  Fewer bad decisions.  More inclusive culture.

Product: Accountability That Works!      
Training Category:
Changed Behavior: Tasks are more clearly assigned and “owned”; individuals and teams are better able to get things done correctly and on time. 
Organizational Benefit:  Improved productivity and results.

Product: Once & For All: Stopping Sexual Harassment at Work   
Training Category: Sexual Harassment Prevention
Changed Behavior: Employees and Managers take actions to prevent, or respond appropriately to, illegal/inappropriate behavior of a sexual nature.
Organizational Benefit: Fewer reports of sexual harassment or sexual misconduct; complaints that do arise are handled properly. Organizations provide a safer, more respectful workplace.

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