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Cultivate behaviors that lead to organizational and employee success

Our Employee Development solution focuses on the top five people skills employees need to become high performers. It’s superb training for those looking to improve their personal performance and make a greater contribution in the organization.

Employees are clamoring for effective training

Today’s employees, particularly millennials and Gen Z, place great value on training. Millennials consider “sufficient training” the #1 factor when starting a new job and 80% of them consider an emphasis on personal growth the most important part of a company’s culture.

Our Employee Development solution:

Improves employee accountability
Helps employees resolve peer-to-peer conflict
Develops and ensures ethical behavior
Cultivates a positive and productive attitude
Fosters teamwork


Preview each course 

  1. Right/Wrong To WIN/WIN
    Right/Wrong To WIN/WIN

    In a workplace full of people with different backgrounds, experiences, work priorities and deadlines, conflict is inevitable. This video teaches employees how to resolve conflict with others…directly, respectfully and effectively.


    13 min
  2. Attitude Virus Lab
    Attitude Virus

    This long-time favorite helps organizations combat various types of negative attitudes and behaviors that can spread in the workplace and undermine morale and productivit...

    20 min
  3. Accountability That Works!
    Accountability That Works!

    With accountability, you have better results, improved teamwork and clarity. Without it, you get blame, finger pointing, and missed deadlines. Learn how to make any team an accountable team.

    22 min
  4. Ethics 4 Everyone
    Ethics 4 Everyone

    Ethics is all about knowing and consistently doing what's right. This versatile program will help people in both areas. Employees learn that ethics is d...

    15 min
  5. We're On The Same Team, Remember?
    We're On The Same Team, Remember?

    Known for its ability to spark lively discussion, this powerful video helps people take a hard look at their own performance, the effectiveness of their team, and the degree to which everyone works together to satisfy customers. 

    20 min

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