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Stopping Sexual Harassment at Work

45 min | by Media Partners

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Once & For All, Washington uses engaging scenarios and practical instruction to teach employees and managers the essentials of sexual harassment prevention, and more. It inspires behavior change, helps build a culture of respect, and covers all Washington state training mandates.  

Languages: English, Spanish
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Product Description

Washington requires sexual harassment prevention training for organizations that have employees who work most of their hours in isolation. Once & For All, Washington provides relatable scenarios and award-winning, practical instruction that breaks through learner resistance and inspires behavior change. 

Note: Once & For All is a fully interactive eLearning course. The preview at the top of this page shows how a learner would progress through the course and does not include all learner activities provided in the purchased eLearning. For a special preview of the full course, or to see a preview of the Once & For All, Manager Course, please contact us.

  • Once & For All is worry-free sexual harassment prevention training.

    Once & For All, Washington provides a streamlined training solution that reduces risk and costs while building a lasting culture of respect.

    Compliance Guarantee - Vetted by one of the largest law firms in the U.S., the program is backed by a 200% compliance guarantee.

    Long-term Focus- We protect your organization year-after-year by: 
      • continuously updating our program to reflect new or changing Washington legislation
      • providing an Abridged Course and free resources that can be used for refresher training 
      • offering multiple versions to optimize deployment (e.g., Employee/Manager andEnglish/Spanish)

    Immediate Behavior Change - Once & For All, Washington covers complex legal concepts in engaging ways and moves employees to recognize illegal behaviors and either stop them or report the behavior to the appropriate company managers.  (The Manager Course then ensures reported incidents are handled properly.)

  • Comply with Washington sexual harassment training requirements.

    SB 5258 added a new section to chapter 49.60 of the Revised Code of Washington. Organizations that have employees who work in isolation (or spend most of their hours working alone) are required to provide sexual harassment training to all employees and managers.

    See additional information on the specific Washington sexual harassment training laws.

    Our Once & For All, Washington courses for managers and employees include Washington-specific content, define quid pro quo and hostile work environment sexual harassment (including third-party harassment and when you're not the target). The courses also teach the importance of speaking up if you are a target or if you are a witness. The manager course also addresses how to handle a complaint.Learners work through topics separately so they can fully grasp each concept.

    Once & For All, Washington Employee course estimated seat time 40-50 minutes; available as a full course or 3 modules.
    Once & For All, Washington Manager course estimated seat time 50-60 minutes; available as a full course or 4 modules.
  • Our comprehensive solution provides the flexibility you need.

    • Robust, efficient eLearning
    With engaging and realistic video and interactive content, our comprehensive eLearning can be delivered via our LMS or yours.  Our courses come in Employee/Manager versions as well as English and Spanish.

    • Multi-state Training
    If your organization spans states with and without training mandates, we will work with you to ensure the most effective deployment possible. Many organizations in this situation train employees with state-version courses where needed, then use the 2022 Full or Abridged Employee Course for staff in states without mandates.  Other State Versions include:

    For more on complying with Washington and other states' requirements, see our Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Compliance Guide

    • Abridged Course
    Included with your eLearning subscription is this fast-paced, 8-minute micro-learning course designed to reinforce the content of the original program. Video clips and a handful of Knowledge Check questions test employees' retention and understanding of quid pro quo and hostile work environment sexual harassment, as well as what to do if they feel harassed. The Abridged Course is a great way to keep the commitment to a harassment-free workplace alive in year 2, or any time.

    • Supporting Materials 
       Employee Guide
    - A thorough resource for boosting retention of the learning points
       Infographic - Used as a poster or a job aid, this infographic is a great reminder of the different types of sexual harassment and best practice responses.

    • Customized Training
    The program is extremely flexible and can be tailored to your environment, such as insertion of an executive message, inclusion of your policies, and more.

Product Details

Product Details
Is Best Seller? Yes
Program Length 45 min
Format eLearning
Languages English, Spanish
Producer Media Partners

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