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Award winning, engaging sexual harassment training. 

Once & For All is the clear choice because you….

Get a Compliance Guarantee – Vetted by one of the largest law firms in the U.S., Once & For All is the only program backed by a 200% compliance guarantee.

Stop harassing behaviors in the workplace – Highly-relatable video scenarios, practical instruction, and self-reflection activities build confidence and inspire the proper sexual harassment prevention actions.

Build a culture of respect – Learners apply behaviors that foster a professional, safe and inclusive work environment while filtering inappropriate actions and comments.

Measure behavioral progress towards a more respectful workplace – A pre-measurement module establishes a baseline from which you can track improvement and compare your organization to national averages.

Once & For All  covers complex legal concepts in engaging ways and moves employees to recognize illegal behaviors and either stop them or report the behavior to the appropriate company managers. The Manager Course also ensures reported incidents are handled properly. Coverage includes:

Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment

Hostile Work Environment Sexual Harassment

Other forms of Hostile Work Environment (e.g., Third-party and When You're Not the Target)

How to be an UPstander for respect at work


Engage Learners While Meeting All Training Requirements

Select What Best Meets Your Organization's Needs


Whether your state mandates sexual harassment training or not, good training is your best legal defense. Once & For All is compliant in all 50 states including those with mandates (listed below).

For training in Colorado, Maryland, Washington DC, and Vermont where state stipulations regarding Title VII are different from federal guidelines, we have state versions of the General course that present that state's criteria. 

See sexual harassment training legal requirements (in general or by state/region) in our Compliance Guide.


Winner of 7 Awards for Cinematic and Educational Excellence


Watch this clip to see why Once & For All is a 7-time award winner, and known for relatable examples. 

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Eliminate Sexual Harassment at Work


The EEOC says effective sexual harassment prevention training is “the best tool to eliminate sexual harassment in the workplace.” Effective training: 

helps ensure a consistent understanding of the actions that constitute harassment

educates individuals about their legal rights

empowers and equips bystanders to stand up for respect and report harassment when they witness it

Media Partners’ Once & For All: Stopping Sexual Harassment at Work does all this and more!  

The impact of not providing sexual harassment training*


women who experience sexual harassment at work but don't report it out of fear doing so will harm their career


annual cost of absenteeism in the workplace
related to sexual harassment at work 


annual cost of lost productivity
due to sexual harassment


employees who say they've witnessed or
experienced sexual harassment at work

The time for effective, behavior-changing training is now.

*Media Partners eBook: How to Stop Sexual Harassment at Work Once and For All


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